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NBS Coffee Exports the Best quality Coffee

 NBS Coffee Export Plc established in the year of 2013 E.C located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where the main export office is located. The founder of the company, Mr.Nibret Alemu has been supplying sidamo coffee to the central coffee auction market from his own washing station for almost SIXTEEN  years. As an expert in the field of coffee, Mr. Nibret understood the rising challenges of coffee industries, which was suppliers scarcity, and responded by involving in direct Ethiopian coffee export.

 Sidamo coffee known for its medium sized bean, greenish-greyish in color and for its rich, full body, sweet and  complex flavor, fine acidity and vibrant after taste that are fairly consistent from year to year. Sidamo is one of the most prolific growing regions in Ethiopia putting out large volume of consistently great coffee each year and recently we are expanding to Yirgacheffe , Kembata ,Jimma region and also planning to start the washing station there

Our Vission

Our vision is to become one of the reputed and honored Ethiopian Coffee Exporter which will work to the branding of Ethiopian coffee world wide, Export and spread the best quality to the global market

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the aroma and flavor of the finest quality Arabica coffee to the global market and we are committed to provide the finest high quality coffee beans to our customers all over the world while forging mutually beneficial relationships with community and the environment that we live in.